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As I am a musician, a music fan and a photographer, what better way to enjoy multiple passions but to bridge them into one? Many artists out there (especially those starting out or with limited budgets) lack decent photos for promotion or simply for fun. My goal is to help fellow musicians by supplying performance photos as well as portraits at competitive rates.

Photos are taken with a professional-caliber Canon Digital SLR camera and lenses. The bad photos are filtered out and the good photos are posted on this site to serve as proofs. These proofs are free to be downloaded and used as long as they are not modified in any way and the copyright at the bottom remains intact.

When I shoot photos at shows, I will usually not use flash (with rare exceptions, which is usually upon request). I feel that it is distracting to both the performer(s) and the audience, and that it takes away from the ambiance of the show. There is the caveat then that I am at the mercy of the lighting of the venue. If the lighting is good and vibrant, then the photos will be, too. If the venue has poor lighting, then I'll still try my best to get something worthwhile out of it.

Any of the photos are available for ordering. All photos have room for manipulation. They can be cleaned up, sharpened, cropped, enlarged, printed, etc. You have the option to have the copyright notice removed on photos that you order. Print options are available with 4x6, 5x7 and 8x12 being the most common choices.

Contact me for rates and requests. I'm also open to other types of photography.

- Joshua Uziel